Case Studies

case-study1Case Study 1

Andy is severely autistic and is non-verbal. He didn’t like to use his communicator other than with his school tutor.

Our Support Workers gradually encouraged Andy to use his communicator in different environments. Initially Andy refused to use it and would just point at things when he wanted something. Through a combination of patience, caring and determination, we were able to instill confidence in Andy so that he is now able to use his communicator with most people and at all times.

Andy now enjoys the independence he has gained from wanting to communicate. His parents were overjoyed when he used his communicator with his father for the first time.

Case Study 2

Jayne is a lady with an acquired brain injury. She was injured 12 years ago, and since then has relied on a wheelchair at all times; both in her house and also to access the community. case-study2She receives help with all transfers and hoisting; and attends intensive physiotherapy sessions every week.

When Jayne is at home, we support her so that she completes her physiotherapy exercises. We have empowered her to become more independent with regard to her mobility. After 12 years, Jayne managed to stand for the first time, with some assistance from our staff.

Jayne is a determined lady, who hopes to continue making progress; and she has further life aspirations.

Case Study 3

Billy is severely autistic and non-verbal. He had never been on holiday and his parents were concerned about Billy doing this. Our Support Worker planned the holiday with Billy and his parents, so as to ensure that everyone was aware of every aspect of the holiday. 

Billy chose most of the activities. Billy went on holiday with our Support Worker.

Communication with Billy’s parents by telephone, email and texting happened every day. Billy had a very enjoyable holiday and he came back home more confident than ever before.